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Our latest version of RetireMark focuses solely on Healthcare costs in retirement and investment solutions to fund these expenses.

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  • Detailed health questionnaire
  • Pick and choose which healthcare expense components to include
  • Plan using 3 distinct retirement investing phases
  • New charts that break down expenses by category
  • Show expenses in either today's dollars or future dollars

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Welcome to RetireMark

Welcome to the RetireMark system developed by HealthView Services. This software application provides you, the advisor, with the capability to run reports that are revolutionary in the retirement income market. RetireMark is the only software in the market today that can provide the Financial Industry with tools and data that are needed to solve the primary concern of Out of Pocket Health Care Costs and income distribution for retirement protection for their clients.

What is the Income Floor?

The Income Floor is a highly sophisticated approach to income distribution for retirement protection. This concept was developed top industry academics, so that pre-retirees and retirees would reduce their exposure to the downside of the financial markets and its effects on their lifestyles. It is a solution for the problems that many investors have faced during the last decade when excessive amounts of their portfolios were allocated to risky and inappropriate asset classes.

We believe that implementing this highly intuitive and interactive tool will improve the way you as a financial advisor manage your retirement income practice. The results of this analysis will allow you to assist your clients in making important decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, and using the Income Floor to create distribution ready portfolios will ensure that your clients will enjoy a stable and worry-free retirement.